Momentum Drops Digital Rights Management

Momentum Books, Pan Macmillan Australia’s digital-only imprint, today announced that by early August all its titles would be released without DRM. DRM, digital rights management, is the software used on digital content to stop users from copying the books.

‘The problem,’ said Joel Naoum, Momentum’s publisher, ‘is that DRM restricts users from legitimate copying – such as between different e-reading devices. We feel strongly that Momentum’s goal is to make books as accessible as possible. Dropping these restrictions is in line with that goal.’

Momentum is following in the footsteps of sister company Tor in the United States and the United Kingdom who recently made the same move. Momentum is the first imprint of a major Australian publisher to drop DRM.

Momentum’s director, Tom Gilliatt, comments, ‘Momentum was set up to innovate and experiment. The decision to drop DRM is absolutely in keeping with this role, and shows once again Macmillan’s global commitment to be at the forefront of digital change and development.’

Read the full media release here.

Momentum has published one children’s book by Andy Griffiths, Andypedia and fantasy series Destiny of the Light by Louise Cusack.

What do you think of this move by Momentum? I feel like they are right to remove the DRM from their books. While it won’t stop people from stealing the work, pirating it and reading it for free I think there will be less cases of this and more of people just using it to read the books on their multiple reading devices. We can borrow physical books from friends, read them wherever we go, borrow them for free from libraries so why shouldn’t we be able to read them on our multiple devices? Maybe I’m being naive but I don’t think the pirating of books is near as popular as the pirating of movies and music.


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