Lionsgate Calls Itself ‘No. 1 studio’ For Young Adults + ‘Catching Fire’ Box Office Prediction

Lionsgate’s recent earnings call has revealed some interesting things about what the studio expects from Catching Fire and how they see themselves in the industry.

Lionsgate believes that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will pull in $400 million internationally, which is a big step up from The Hunger Games‘ $250 million international box office. They are basing this prediction off of what happened with the Twilight sequel, New Moon:

The former Summit chief also predicted “Catching Fire” will reach $400 million in foreign B.O., based partly on the performance of the second “Twilight,” which outgrossed the first in foreign markets by 50% (the first grossed $192 million overseas and the second took in $296 million). (Variety)

Lionsgate also called itself “the No. 1 studio in young adult franchises,” citing the success of recently acquired Summit/Twilight and of course The Hunger GamesEnder’s Game is also in the pipeline.

Somebody needs to do the math but I’m pretty sure Warner Brothers would still hold that title with Harry Potter alone, not to mention the various other ‘Young Adult’ franchises they’ve been a part of over the years.


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  1. The numbers can be found at The eight movie Harry Potter franchise grossed $7.7 billion worldwide over its lifetime.

    In contrast, the four-movie Twilight franchise has grossed $2.5 billion worldwide, with the first of the Hunger Games grossing $645 million year to date.

    So based on historical numbers you are correct. However, as I heard it (listening to the conference call) Lionsgate’s comment was looking towards the future and there they could well be right: with another Twilight film to come, two or three more Hunger Games movies, Enders Choice (and follow-ons), Veronica Roth’s Divergent series, the Chaos Walking series and more, the line-up looks pretty impressive to me.

    • Thanks for that! I guess you’re right and they are sitting in a pretty comfortable YA money making machine. They’re kind of like the publishers in that respect – grabbing up everything they can find that teens/YA’s will enjoy, only they have the added advantage of knowing its already a success.

  2. Josephine, I wonder why they’re doing this, trying to position themselves as the number one young adult franchise studio. I mean, is YA more lucrative than the adult films (not “adult” as in porn but regular over 18 adult. ha ha). I really LOVE Lionsgate. They took on the SAW franchise, Tyler Perry’s Madea, and other stuff. Seems like they’re taking a lot of chances on new talent, and it’s really paying off for them. they’re not making remakes. It’s just interesting to me.

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