Pottermore Announces ‘Chamber of Secrets’ Release Schedule

The Seattle Times wrote a story about Pottermore’s server platform, Windows Azure, and how it has helped it succeed in launching. But something CTO of Pottermore Julian Thomas was quoted as saying in the article may be a little more interesting for fans of the content.

He announced that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be released this summer!

Still, “we found when we opened up to the world that the architecture wasn’t enough to accommodate the massive demand,” said Julian Thomas, Pottermore’s chief technical officer.

When the beta version launched, and hundreds of thousands of people wanted in — especially at peak times such as when new content was added — some of the rich features had to be turned off in order to keep the website working, Thomas said.

Thomas anticipates more such peaks occurring when new content is added: Such as when content for the second book in the series, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” launches. Thomas did not give a specific date for that but said it would be sometime this summer.

Pottermore.com will also be translated into more languages, including “some Far Eastern languages that will be announced shortly,” he said, and Pottermore will also appear on more mobile devices in all sorts of forms. One example: The just-announced “Book of Spells,” a partnership between Rowling and Sony in which users can learn about spells in the Harry Potter books via Sony’s PlayStation 3 Move.

I believe the ‘rich features’ that he mentions were turned off was the wizard duelling that I still haven’t tried because I gave up on Pottermore about a week after I got my invite. Like other Harry Potter fans I was super excited to see what this site could offer me as a life long fan, but apart from the new content that Jo released I found the rest of the site lacking in magic. Maybe Chamber of Secrets will bring to life some of the parts of the site that could have been improved on. For example we know that they have been working on music and sound effects which will surely brighten up the place. But why is it taking so long?

Originally book two was supposed to be released in early 2012, about four months after the initial launch of Pottermore in October 2011. Beta was then pushed back and obviously then was Chamber of Secrets, too. If they still plan to release it four months after the official launch, the book could be available in August. But will it be available to everybody at once? It seemed their servers were incapable of managing the traffic, and apparently Sony didn’t want to spend more money on getting new servers to maintain the site.

Well I guess I shouldn’t be negative, at least now we have a tentative release for Chamber of Secrets: summer 2012! YAY!


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