‘Game of Thrones’ Books Vs Season 3 Spoilers


If you’re one of the fans who have already consumed the Game of Thrones series in its book form and are eagerly watching the tv show with an air of superiority over those who don’t know what’s going to happen then this article is for you. Spoiler alert for those who are show fans! I watch Game of Thrones with a tv show fan, and sometimes let him know what’s going to happen, but mostly I try to keep it to myself. But a few times this season I’ve been surprised to find I can’t answer his questions, even if I wanted to, because what just happened in the show, definitely did not happen in the books!

There’s a few examples I could draw from but let’s take one of the biggest shockers that came from last Sunday’s big shocker – Robb Stark’s wife is pregnant?! This most certainly wasn’t written into A Storm of Swords although the thought did cross my mind when the unspeakable happened in the Freys household. What makes this change more important for readers than perhaps show viewers is that George R.R. Martin himself wrote this particular episode.

So does this mean that Martin just gave us a spectacular clue for the later part of the series that he has not yet published? If Jeyne Westerling was pregnant with Robb’s child, then he has an heir to follow him onto the King of the North’s throne. But in A Storm of Swords, Robb named Jon Snow as his heir, shortly before his death. So is Martin simply using the tv show to debunk one of the more weaker theories circling Game of Thrones forums? This makes sense, especially if Talisa (Jeyne in the books) dies in the show which could happen if she accompanies Robb to attend the Red Wedding. But if she doesn’t die, and remains at Riverrun like she does in the book, then Martin may have just confirmed the rumor of Jeyne carrying the new King of the North. In the books they had been trying to conceive a child together.

The third theory seems farfetched to me but here it is:  ‘The Lannister Honeypot.’ According to this theory, detailed in the following video, Talisa is simply lying about being pregnant. Because she is a Lannister spy. Robb has never been defeated in the field. Tywin knows that, and wanted to defeat him some other way. Having Talisa seduce him into breaking his marriage pact with the Freys is one way to do that.

Changes to the books have been apparent from the beginning of the series:

– Ros never existed in the books, but she served to stand in for the countless whores that were part of the book series.

– Edric Storm and Gendry have merged into one character – Gendry.

You can read all of the book to tv changes over at Game of Thrones Wiki

What are your theories about the Talisa/Jeyne pregnancy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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