George R.R. Martin Delays ‘A Song of Ice and Fire Encyclopedia’ Because He Can’t Stop Writing

the-World-of-Ice-and-Fire-by-george-rr-martin-223x300Many fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire series visit Young Adult Book Reviewer for updates on George R.R. Martin’s book writing progress. Unfortunately fans, more bad news on the writing front – George can’t stop writing The World of Ice and Fire Encyclopedia and so its release date is going to be delayed. The companion book is now set for a 2014 release but the good news is that it will now be  a multi-volume “lushly illustrated retelling” of Westerosi history.

According to Martin’s publisher, HarperCollins UK, Martin was given a 50,000 word limit for the encyclopedia that will also have contributions from creators Linda Antonsson and Elio M. García. However, Martin reportedly ended up writing five times as much as he was supposed to, including some information not previously detailed in the books. They have since decided to shift the focus of the book away from its original encyclopedia format and commissioned more artwork for the final product, which accounts for the delay.

The trilogy Martin originally planned in the early ’90s is now a seven-volume behemoth, and that number grows larger with every second that Martin writes. In fact, the reason that A Feast For Crows and A Dance with Dragons took so long to complete is because they were originally conceived of as one book, but the size of the original manuscript proved difficult for publishers to work with. The books were split into two so that they were more manageable to read as a physical copy. (Can you imagine the ebook for the book if it had been published together?)

I think it’s so incredible that Martin has been so detailed and meticulous in creating this world – exactly the kind of stuff we’d love to see from J.K. Rowling – but something does have to give because we’re all eagerly after The Winds of Winter but Martin is allegedly spending more time than he should on the encyclopedia. But who are we to complain about more material!

We love you Martin, but please send your babies out into the world for us to enjoy!


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  1. Procrastinating, sir? surely you jest!

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