What The HBO ‘Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding Bloodbath Means For GoT Book Readers


So last night we finally saw the scene we’d all been waiting for since George R.R. Martin released his famous ending for big brother Stark and Momma Stark way back in 2000. (Yeah it’s been a little of 12 years since Robb died in book world. Crazy huh?) From the reactions on twitter I think we can all be assured that TV viewers were shocked out of their seats when Walder Frey turned the tables on the Starks and effectively wiped them off the political map. Without Robb, Catelyn and Ned there are no Starks left to wage war against the Lannisters.

But book readers know what happens after this particular event so what about the divergences between screen and book that could have an affect on the books? One particular event that occurred last night may have most readers feeling pretty satisfied with Martin’s playful twist a few episodes back – I’m talking about the horrid death of pregnant Talisa, Robb’s queen, in which she is stabbed multiple times in the stomach. I guess despite Walder Frey’s snide sexually explicit jibe about Talisa’s body standing upright even when her clothes are off, he knew that Robb had a little prince or princess on the way, thus the direct attack on Talisa’s stomach when the assassin went to begin the bloodshed that would end with Catelyn’s death.

As book readers know, Talisa was actually not Talisa in A Storm of Swords, her name was Jeyne Westerling, and we don’t know if she had been pregnant because Robb left her behind at Riverrun when he went to the Twins to attend his uncle’s wedding. Last week we questioned Geroge R.R. Matin’s motives for writing in Talisa’s pregnancy when it so diverged from the book. Had Jeyne actually been pregnant and Martin was giving  us a big tease for future unpublished books? Was Talisa lying and part of a bigger plot to take down the Starks? No it turns out he was just creating a bigger shocking death for poor Robb’s wife. But the speculator in me wonders whether Martin has different ideas… this theory is full of holes and stretches thinly, but what if Martin brings back Jeyne in the future? It was no surprise that Martin wasn’t really happy with the way the producers had changed his character entirely from the one we knew in the books. What if Talisa dies but like some certain other characters we know, gets brought back to life by someone with red magic? It would be crazy  and probably unlikely, particularly as she would surely not be able to have any children, particularly the one who was just killed. But maybe Jeyne, another girl in the show, is brought in and had already given birth to Robb’s child? Thus allowing Martin to have his Jeyne and heir to Robb’s throne.

Nevertheless, in the show Robb did not name Jon his heir as he does in the books, and so we are left wondering, who will have Winterfell in the show? Who is Robb’s heir, if any, and does it matter in the end with the Starks left on the sidelines of the playing field?

Speculations! Speculations! If only George R.R. Martin could finally release The Winds of Winter! Until then enjoy next Sunday’s season finale of Game of Thrones!


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