Five Young Actors Test Opposite Jeff Bridges for Leading Role in ‘The Giver’


Jeff Bridges’ adaptation of The Giver by Lois Lowry is getting it’s casting underway again. The Wrap reports that Nick Robinson (The Kings of Summer), Tye Sheridan (Mud), Kodi Smit-McPhee (Let Me In), Dylan Minnette (Let Me In) and Brenton Thwaites (Maleficent) are testing for the leading role of Jonas in the movie. Jeff Bridges will play the title role of the Giver.

Bridges purchased the film rights to The Giver twenty years ago, originally planning to make it as a vehicle for his father Lloyd. Bridges discovered the celebrated novel when his daughter introduced it to him after reading it in school. I also had to read this book in 8th grade and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. It’s difficult to pick a favorite among the contestants to play Jonas but they all  seem to be great fits for the leading role. Production is planned to begin as soon as this fall in South Africa. Phillip Noyce will direct, and Vadim Perelman wrote the most recent draft of the script.


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  1. Looks like I need to re-read this! This is very exciting, I loved this book in school. It’s been a minute since I have read it though, need to brush up if its being turned into a movie. Or maybe I am just looking for an excuse to justify adding it to my pile of summer reads 🙂

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