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Game of Thrones Season 4 Poster: ALL MEN MUST DIE

The countdown is on for HBO’s jaw dropping, spine tingling fourth season of Game of Thrones and just to wet your appetite EW has revealed its marketing poster. It featuring the deadly expression “valar morghulis” which means “all men must die” in High Valyrian. But don’t worry it’s in English on the poster for all of us non-Valyrian speaking simpletons. These words are only outshone by the steel black crow that appears to be coming apart in dangerously sharp pieces of metal. It is also reminiscent of the King’s chair otherwise known as the iron throne which has the same barbs of steel. Who will be struck by death this time?

The fourth season will roughly be based the second half of on George R. R. Martin’s third GOT installment, A Storm of Swords, with some bits taken from the fourth and fifth books of the A Song of Ice and Fire series.


What do you think of this year’s poster?

HBO’s fantasy hit returns on April 6.


‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R.R. Martin Comments on Red Viper Casting


Author of the Game of Thrones series, George R.R. Martin, has written a blog post addressing the news that Pedro Pascal will be playing the Red Viper in Game of Thrones season 4.

It was recently revealed that actor Pedro Pascal has been chosen to play the significant role of the Red Viper, more formally known as Prince Oberyn Martell, in the next season of Game of Thrones.

Answering a question on his blog, author George R.R. Martin comments on the casting choice, admitting that while he was not present for Pascal’s audition, he believes the actor will do an excellent job:

“I’ve always pictured the ‘salty Dornish’ as being more Mediterranean than African in appearance,” he writes. “Dark hair and eyes, olive skin.”

Martin goes on to discuss the ways in which Game of Thrones showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff work to diversify the cast, pointing out that while several characters of colour have been killed off, the characters Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Salladhor Saan (who are white in the book series) are portrayed by black actors.

Finally, Martin shares his hope that this trend will continue in future seasons, “when and if” Oberyn’s bastard daughters (who are known as the Sand Snakes) are cast.

“I expect we will see the same diversity as in the books, ranging from Tyene (blond and blue-eyed) to Sarella (light brown skin, as her mother was a Summer Islander),” he writes.

The full comment from Martin can be read below (Beware of mild book spoilers):

I wasn’t present for Pedro Pascal’s audition, but I understand that he really killed it with his reading. And since his casting was announced, the producer of another TV show on which he appeared recently has written me to say how terrific Pascal is, and to congratulate us on the casting. So I suspect that he will turn out to be a wonderful Red Viper.

I do know that David and Dan and HBO do favor having a racially and ethnically diverse cast on the series. It is true that we’ve lost several black characters who appear in the novels (Chataya and Alayaya, Jalabhar Xho, Strong Belwas), but to balance that, characters like Salladhor Saan and Xaro Xhoan Daxos, both white in the books, have been played by black actors. Missandei as well, though in the books the Naathi are golden-skinned, not white.

As for the Dornishmen, well, though by and large I reject one to one analogies, I’ve always pictured the “salty Dornish” as being more Mediterranean than African in appearance; Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, etc. Dark hair and eyes, olive skin. Pedro Pascal is Chilean. (Check out Amok’s version of the Red Viper, that’s how I saw him. Or Magali Villenueve’s beautiful and sexy portrait of Princess Arianne).

When and if the show introduces Prince Oberyn’s daughters, the Sand Snakes, I expect we will see the same diversity as in the books, ranging from Tyene (blond and blue-eyed) to Sarella (light brown skin, as her mother was a Summer Islander). And I expect that the crew of the CINNAMON WIND will all be cast with black actors… assuming, of course, that Sam’s voyage remains in the story.

If you’re a Game of Thrones book fan check out all the news we know so far on Martin’s upcoming The Winds of Winter, the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

If you’re a TV show fan only, read this spoiler-free post about all the things that have been publicly released about Season 4 of Game of Thrones!

‘Game of Thrones’ Casts Major Season 4 Role: Oberyn the Red Viper


The most anticipated new role coming to the fourth season of Game of Thrones has been filled! Thanks to EW we now know that Prince Oberyn Martell will be played by Chilean actor Pedro Pascal, who has previously had roles on CBS’ The Good Wife, ABC’s Red Widow and USA’s Graceland.

For those who haven’t read the books, here’s a spoiler-free description of the character: Oberyn is a brash, charming, cunning prince of Dorne (part of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros). His sister Elia was brutally murdered by the Lannister knight Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane when Mad King Aerys was overthrown by Robert Baratheon and the Lannisters. In season four, Oberyn comes to King’s Landing with revenge on his mind.

Oberyn Martell has a pretty awesome nickname too – The Red Viper. What could the story behind this nickname be? We’ll probably find out next season!

“This was a tough one,” showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss said about the casting. “The Red Viper is sexy and charming, yet believably dangerous; intensely likable, yet driven by hate. The boys love him, the girls love him, and he loves them all back. Unless your last name is Lannister. We found a fellow who can handle the job description and make it seem effortless. He wasn’t easy to find and he won’t be easy to stop.”

HBO hasn’t yet announced its Comic-Con plans, but if you’re headed to San Diego, it’s safe to assume Thrones will have a presence this year. Game of Thrones returns in 2014.

If you want to know more about what’s coming for Game of Thrones Season 4 check out this article. And if you’re a book fan eagerly awaiting George R.R. Martin’s next book in his acclaimed A Song of Ice and Fire series, read all the details we know so far on The Winds of Winter.

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4: Alliser Thorne Returns

Good news GoT book fans! British actor Owen Teale has announced that he will be reprising his role as Alliser Thorne in Game of Thrones Season 4.

Wales Online recently spoke to the Welsh-born Teale about his current theatre project, and in the interview, Teale revealed that he will be back for Season 4 of Game of Thrones.


This season’s 10 episodes will cover the second half of the third book in the series, A Storm of Swords and probably delve into events within A Feast for Crows.

Just in case you’re solely a tv show fan of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series, Alliser Thorne was last seen in season 1 of Game of Thrones. He is the Night’s Watch master-at-arms, and also trains new recruits who arrive at the Wall.

In the first season, Thorn tries to force the other new recruits to beat up Samwell Tarly, until Jon Snow comes to Sam’s rescue. This forever turns Thorne against Jon, and prompts him to come up with the mean-spirited nickname “Lord Snow.”

Lord Commander Mormont sends Thorne away from the Wall, to plead with Joffrey Baratheon to send more men to the Night’s Watch to fight the threat in the North.

In Season 4, we will see Thorne return to Castle Black, the same place Jon has journeyed back to.

Game of Thrones season 4 premieres in 2014 on HBO.

For more Season 4 news check out Looking to the Future: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4

Looking to the Future: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4

game of thrones

HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones is over for another year after a thrilling third season. After shocking and blowing the minds of fans all over the world, we can already confirm that the next season will be just as thrilling – if not more so!

Although no reports have confirmed an official start date, it’s speculated that Season 4 of Game of Thrones will begin late March/ early April 2014, following the usual scheduling it has been given in the past few seasons.

Season 4 will pick up where we left off, about 2/3 of the way through A Storm of Swords, the book written by Game of Thrones mastermind George R.R. Martin. The filmmakers have been incoroprating future events from later books also, but for the most part we  can expect that the next season will cover mostly A Storm of Swords and perhaps a little of A Feast for Crows. Filming for the next season will begin July. Showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss confirmed the filming start date as July 8 in a recent interview with KCRW UpClose.

“Right now we’re writing Season 4,” Benioff and Weiss explained. “We start shooting July 8, and we have to have all 10 scripts ready before we start shooting, because we crossboard the entire season. So, scenes from the final episode might be shot the first week of production. And then we finish shooting, we go straight unto post-production, and also outlining the coming season.”

Three new characters for Game of Thrones season four, as confirmed by Geroge R.R. Martin himself, will be Wildling leader Magnar of Thenn, Margaery’s unimpressive father Mace Tyrell and the Red Viper Oberyn Martell. Since Oberlyn will definitely be seen in season four of Game of Thrones, it’s been rumored that Ellaria Sand, Oberlyn’s lover, will also join the cast of characters.We can’t wait! If you’re feeling some Game of Thrones withdrawal and are a book reader (or TV show fan looking to be spoiled) read up on all the news and facts we have for Martin’s next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter.

‘The Winds of Winter’: Potential Release Date, POV Characters and Plot

windsofwinterWith HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 3 rounding up for another year, George R.R Martin has been doing quite a few interviews and while he has vowed never to speculate exactly on a release date for The Winds of Winter, he has hinted at a time frame when we might expect it to be published.

A few notes first: I’ve included links to all the sources so that you can decide on your own whether these conclusions are accurate or farfetched. Please be warned that the following may contain spoilers, particularly when revealing which characters appear in The Winds of Winter and thus also revealing those who have survived the previous books.

In an interview with O Globo, a Portuguese publication, Martin was asked whether he could speak on how much longer until the release of The Winds of Winter and this is how he responded:

“I will not make any predictions. I’m working on it, I’m making progress, but it is a great book. Definitely will not be ready this year, maybe next. But for me it’s one step at a time, I try to focus on small things, like finishing a chapter or a page. The book will be ready when it’s ready.” O Globo

He was tight lipped about answering any specific questions about his progress such as how many pages he’s written so far, but he did give a little clue about what character he was writing at the moment. “Arya.”

In an interview with Conan, George R.R. Martin said, “My great fear is that David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] will catch up with me,” referring to the Game of Thrones television writers. It seems likely that they will catch up with Martin, given the time between publication. It took Martin 6 years to publish A Dance with Dragons after the release of A Feast for Crows.

But how long will we have to wait for The Winds of Winter? According to an interview with The Guardian in 2011, Martin said that he predicted, “it’s going to take me three years to finish the next one at a good pace.” So say he was right in his estimation, and together what he told O Globo, we may be looking at a late 2014/2015 release of The Winds of Winter. Who knows when A Dream of Spring, the final book, will be published.

What can we expect when The Winds of Winter is finally released? Some information has been revealed:

In 2012 Martin told SmartTraveler that A Dance with Dragons covered less story than he had intended, omitting at least one planned large battle sequence and leaving several character threads ending in cliff-hangers. Martin intended to resolve these cliffhangers “very early” in The Winds of Winter, saying “I’m going to open [The Winds of Winter] with the two big battles that I was building up to, the battle in the ice and the battle of Slaver’s Bay. And then take it from there.”

Obviously because there may be people reading this article who have not finished reading A Dance with Dragons, I won’t reveal some of hints for the plot because it would reveal some of the events that occurred in the previous books. There’s a few more details on the AWOIAF wiki page for The Winds of Winter.

But here are the character that Martin has said will have chapters written from their POV in The Winds of Winter:

  • Aeron Greyjoy , one chapter, was removed from A Dance with Dragons in June 2010. (GRRM Blog)
  • Sansa Stark, one chapter, was removed from A Dance with Dragons in June 2010. (GRRM Blog)
  • Arya Stark, one chapter, was removed from A Dance with Dragons in June 2010. (GRRM Blog)
  • Arianne Martell, two chapters, were removed from A Dance with Dragons in June 2010. One of them was published in Martin’s website in January 2013 (GRRM Website)
  • Theon Greyjoy, one chapter, appeared on Martin’s website in December 2011 (GRRM Website)
  • Victarion Greyjoy, one chapter, portions of one chapter were read at TIFF Bell Lightbox in March 2012. (A Wiki of Ice and Fire)
  • Barristan Selmy, two chapters were read at Boskone in February 2013. (A Wiki of Ice and Fire)
  • Tyrion Lannister, one chapter, read at Miscon 2012 (A Wiki of Ice and Fire)

‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Maisie Williams (Arya) Reacts to Red Wedding

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.33.49 PM

A funny reaction made by Maisie Williams, the actor who portrays Arya Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones, has surfaced on Vine. As Arya, Maisie, puts on a voice and plays out her shock from the events of last week’s episode.

You can watch the video here.

*Spoilers* Game of Thrones episode 9 revealed the shocking ends of Robb Stark, his wife Talisa and his mother Catelyn Stark. The internet exploded on Twitter and you can read some of the best reactions right here. A Song of Ice and Fire author, George R.R. Martin, spoke out about last weekend’s episode and admitted that the series ending will be “bittersweet.”

While we’re on the topic of Game of Thrones’ latest 9th episode shocker, read what the events of the episode mean for readers of the books. (Our smug superiority of knowing everything that happens in the show was a little dampened.)

The final episode of this season of Game of Thrones is on this Sunday – be sure not to miss it!

George R.R. Martin Expects ‘Bittersweet Ending’ to ‘Game of Thrones’ Books


A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin has spoken to EW about the shocking events of the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones season 3, and how he plans to end the book series. Martin has said that he knew almost immediately that Robb wouldn’t make it, just as he knew his father Ned wouldn’t survive the events in Westeros:

“I knew it almost from the beginning,” Martin says. “I killed Ned because everybody thinks he’s the hero and that, sure, he’s going to get into trouble, but then he’ll somehow get out of it. The next predictable thing is to think his eldest son is going to rise up and avenge his father. So immediately [killing Robb] became the next thing I had to do.”

However, even though he knew it had to happen, “That was the hardest scene I’ve ever had to write,” he admits. “It was like murdering two of your children.”

And he completely understands that readers (and now HBO viewers) are upset. “Just as you grieve if a friend is killed, you should grieve if a fictional character is killed. You should care. If somebody dies and you just go get more popcorn, it’s a superficial experience isn’t it?”

Martin loves catching his readers off guard, and this means killing off the good guys. “I anticipate a bittersweet ending,” he says of the ending to the series, which culminates with the seventh book in the saga, A Dream of Spring.

Martin is still writing The Winds of Winter, the next book in the series, so both book and tv fans will have to wait and see if some of the Starks manage to survive. But book fans have the added advantage of knowing a few more events that have yet to take place and likely will make Season 4 of Game of Thrones a riveting experience for all fans. (Too much teasing?)

Next week’s episode of Game of Thrones is the season 3 finale, titled “Mhysa.” It airs at 9/8c on HBO.

‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R.R. Martin Reveals ‘Winds of Winter’ Details and More

In a new interview with Adria’s News, George R.R. Martin has talked in detail about the future of the saga in books and the HBO tv show! The most interesting bits of the interview are about the next book in the ASOIAF saga, The Winds of Winter, as well as how he writes characters, works to subvert reader expectations and more. The entire interview is worth checking out, but you can read some snippets right here.

Martin speaks very openly about how far he has come writing Winds: “I’ve already written 400 pages of my sixth book and I really look forward to publishing it in 2014, but I am really bad for predictions.” He is aware of the fact that after the saga is done, he will be judged at the quality, not the speed of his writing so if we have to wait a little longer for perfection we can’t blame him for that!

He also talks about the seventh and final book in the saga, which he has chosen to name A Dream of Spring (after previously considering Time of Wolves). While he knows how he plans to finish the series, “I discover all that details while I am writing the book and that’s the reason why I go so slowly: because sometimes I have to go back to change certain things.”

That said, however, “I will write the two last books as good as I am capable of and I think the great majority of my readers would be happy with it,” Martin says.

On his decision to kill off important characters at various points in the saga, he says, “I want to state that everybody can die. Mine is not a predictable book like so many others, where you know the hero is safe. No matter how much trouble the hero gets in, what odds he seems to be facing; he’s gonna come through, cause he… he is John Carter, he is the hero. That’s not the way in real life and I want to be realistic in my books, so no one is safe in the books.”

Martin also reflects on why his series is called A Song of Ice and Fire, saying, “People say I was influenced by Robert Frost’s poem, and of course I was, I mean… Fire is love, fire is passion, fire is sexual ardor and all of these things. Ice is betrayal, ice is revenge, ice is… you know, that kind of cold inhumanity and all that stuff is being played out in the books.”

I urge all readers to check out the full interview with Martin over at Adria’s News. It is truly one of the best interviews with George R.R. Martin in a long while. You can read an excerpt of the The Winds of Winter at George R.R. Martin’s website.