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Divergent Movie: Tris Jumps Into Dauntless

Summit has released a new photo from Divergent depicting Tris ( Shailene Woodley) taking her Dauntless jump into the faction’s headquarters.

We get a great look at Tris’ Abnegation outfit, and a sneak peek at Dauntless leader Eric (Jai Courtney). (He’s the one with his hands on his hips.)

“In this photo she’s already jumped off the train and onto a seven story building as part of the initiation rite for the Dauntless,” Divergent director Neil Berger said yesterday. “The next thing they have to do is jump from the building and down through a courtyard that has a deep, black hole. It’s terrifying.”

“We’d been nervously planning it because it is dangerous and there’s a lot of people on that roof,” Burger continued. “We had to pull it off safely and also pull it off cinematically, so you have this knot in your stomach as you watch this young woman decide to do this crazy thing. We had great weather that day and I think this scene really is emblematic of the movie: It shows the energy and the rawness of the way we’re telling the story.”

Divergent co-stars Theo James as Four, Kate Winslet as Jeanine, Ansel Elgort as Caleb, Miles Teller as Peter, Ray Stevenson as Marcus, Christian Madsen as Al, and Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Will. Tris’ parents were the last roles to be cast. Scandal actor Tony Goldwyn will play her father, and Ashley Judd will play her mother. Divergent opens in theaters March 21, 2014.